Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Get Inbound Links Through Your Twitter Profile

Twitter for inbound linkOrganize a strategy inbound links is a complex task within a SEO campaign, requiring arduous and constant effort, not to mention the creativity and knowledge of the market. SEO specialists are continually seeking tactics of the moment, which will enable us to raise the positioning of our sites.
While Google we complicates the task with updates and policies purchased links, we used to bring us to the strategies developed with a certain degree of difficulty, causing us to miss easy opportunities directly before our eyes.
Since each incoming link account and we never have enough, this article aims to share with you an opportunity to link incoming ultra-quick to apply, you could generate a handful of quality inbound links.

Generate links via Twitter profile

Most managers of online marketing campaigns know the benefits of Twitter in sharing content, and can generate the same is inbound links. We also know the URL box in a Twitter profile, which allows you to enter the address of your choice.
However, the profile of a subscriber Twitter, through his bio, also offers an opportunity inbound link interesting.
Indeed, it is possible to insert a 2nd external link in your description, pointing to the address of your choice. You just have to access the dashboard to edit your profile, and navigate to the "Bio" box. You only have to enter your link in your text, of course ensuring that your description is still readable.
Here are the results with the two links, the base URL or link (black box) and the organic link that I added (in red).

Why add a second link to your Twitter profile?

The attentive reader will notice that the two links mentioned here above point to the same page, so that the SEO specialist will notice him, these two links are both "nofollow", so in theory may not transfer PageRank.
So why add a second link to your profile? The reason is that your Twitter profile will be picked up by even tens, perhaps hundreds of sites 2.0 of all kinds, via the Twitter user directories to the analysis tools and social media sites. And when your profile is listed, many sites will omit your official URL, and will copy your Twitter bio, and may include your 2nd incoming link.
Here is an example of a site that does not use Twitter but includes your URL link to your bio, nothing less than the measurement tool of influence

We see that Klout has not seen fit to include the official link mentioned in my Twitter profile, however using my bio, automatically includes the 2nd link manually entered. It is interesting to note that this link is "follow", and that page is now indexed by Google, is a link that should count for the engine.
Obviously, the vast majority of sites will resume priority link to your URL, but the bio is also included on many occasions. In some cases, the two links are copied, thus allowing you to be creative and so point your links to two different pages:

The case up here comes the directory , which gives two links "follow." For you to enjoy ;)

9 Twitter directories to build your inbound links

In closing, here is a list of directories Twitter which I recommend you register your profile, not only for the opportunities of incoming links, but of course also to promote your profile.
Feel free to suggest your own in the comments directories Twitter ;)

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