Thursday, January 16, 2014

7 Tips To Optimize Your Images For SEO

image for seoOften when creating a website or a blog, the SEO aspect is taken into account, especially for text content. But a significant part of SEO is also linked to images and this, in turn, is often overlooked when it allows to increase the traffic of the site.
Search Engine Optimization Image
Here are 6 tips you can implement today to optimize your presence in search engines.

1 / Establish good images.

Many people do not attach great importance to the images, yet when reading an article, your image will accompany your content.
That is why an image must be relevant and easy to remember for your audience, so you hold the attention and allow sharing easier.
Remember also to use images that belong to you or pictures with permission to use. (See the excellent article 35 sites to find royalty free photos )

2 / Name your images with its associated keyword.

Too often the images are betting online in their default form, ie in the "001234.jpg" style.
Obviously, if you take 10 seconds to rename this file or foo.jpg too.jpg directly related to your article, your image will fit perfectly with your theme.

3 / Fill the tag "ALT"

The description of your image is very important, educating the tag "alt" of your image, you help the search engines in their work and also you help visually impaired people will be able to "read" your image.

4 / Describe your image of anchor text links

Feel free to use the anchor text for your links descriptions, it is also for that.

5 / Use adapted to your image content

This seems logical, but try to adjust your image with its content, often the image is not specifically related to the content of a page or article.
For example, if your page talking car, choose to add a photo of car rather than an animal.

6 / Use a sitemap file for images

For a short time, Google allows you to submit a sitemap file with inclusion of images, why deprive yourself of this opportunity. Many tests available on various sites related to SEO think that the impact is quite small.

7 / Do not cheat!

This is actually quite silly to say but if your item images and dealing with renewable energies spar example, it is not worth cheating on your descriptions of images with keywords repetitions.
Some will smile upon reading this article, yet these errors are daily on sites and not necessarily the smallest of them. Do not forget that these little tricks that can not replace a listing of your entire site.
Feel free to make corrections and / or additional tips in the comments.
And now your images!

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