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5 SEO Strategies To Convert Your Mobile Users

Strategies-for-mobile-seo Mobile devices are popular in recent years and this trend is not ready to fall. Indeed, in an article published earlier this year on the blog Google Analytic statistics on the following mentioned:
Aggregate numbers ... from websites opting to share Their data with Google show us That in the last months of 2011 oven, weekly volume of mobile visits jumped 40%, with mobile traffic growing at an average of 2% every week. And the weekly share of mobile transactions on overall eCommerce Grew 60% in the same time frame.
From my side, I also found increases in mobile visits for both the proportion of visits for the share of transactions. Visits which represented approximately 3% of total visits there twelve months are now up to 10 and even 15% for some sites. For example, a profile of the evolution of the growth in traffic and conversion rate observed over the last month:

How to maximize the conversion of visits to mobile devices

Given this trend, marketers are putting more and more effort to boost the conversion rate of visitors using mobile devices. I therefore propose in this post 5 strategies to help maximize the conversion of visitors from mobile devices.
But before moving on to strategies, it is best to identify a measurable objective. For example, the increase in conversion rate can be directly applied to sales, but also registration to an RSS feed or to download virtual coupons. Before considering the strategy must also think that includes mobile smart phones and tablets. Is it chooses to tackle the same way or not these two types of devices? This may depend on the objectives but also the budget.
Also, as I believe it is strategic to create a mobile version of a website , as I believe it is important to give visitors the opportunity to use the full version of the site without completely fulfill the intent of the user.
Following this discussion, we can account will need to create a mobile application specific to meet specific expectations from this customer. This may, however, be part of any blog post :)
Here are 5 strategies to maximize the conversion rate of the mobile version of a website.
1. Limiting actions and put forward A call to action

As mobile devices offer some limitations in the available space on the screen. This is why it is recommended to use optimally by limiting the number of shares that can be done. How to determine the actions to be ahead on the mobile site? By first analyzing the statistical behavior of your mobile visitors through your analytical tools.
U.S. Airways has enhanced its mobile site to the needs of its customers:

There are seven possible actions that the connect button which is the main call to action. Also the user has full access to the website if it seeks information that is not available. If the selection of options was made carefully, it should be noted few visits to the full version.
2. Leverage images
Mobile devices offer impressive image quality and it is a good practice to take advantage of today's technologies and assessment that is made by users. In addition to a product optimized level of disclosure (eg: the cumulative score of reviews, price, short description, AND the buy button), it is advantageous to focus on images quality, and even given the opportunity to see the product from all angles. To this end, the jeweler James Allen uses this strategy very well on its mobile version, which is applied to all its full web site developed through applications for different mobile devices.

3. Using callback functions
There are high chances that a portion of mobile users navigate your site while they are between jobs or waiting ... and are therefore not purchase mode or conversion of anything, but rather jack information. It becomes clever to integrate tools to facilitate the recall, for example, add to a wish list, a bookmark, or send her e-mail or text messaging. This will allow the user to come back later when it will be ready to complete the transaction.
4. Reassure security and facilitate the process
Especially if we talk about e-commerce, it is important to put forth the security of the transaction is with a icon or the padlock! In the case where the objective is to collect email or otherwise, a reference (or link) on the privacy policy can only encourage the desired behavior.
Facilitate the process includes simplify connection to their account when you're already a customer or member of a website as well as to reduce the number of steps in the process, whether to make a purchase or fill out a form.
Finally, for e-commerce site, to facilitate the purchase process includes considering alternative payment with PayPal since it is easier to enter the password as PayPal to get his credit card public ( on the bus, or in the waiting room of the dentist!) to pay for his purchases.
5. Offer exclusive mobile users
Demonstrate to your client that it is privileged as a user of your mobile service is a good practice, among others, for customer retention. Two examples that I like Smartphones are with their exclusives on the mobile web, and Target offering virtual coupons to use in stores.
This last example is a strong tactic cross between mobile marketing and marketing point of sale! Both strategies are completely different, but reward their customers using mobile.
In conclusion, no website and no industry should not ignore the fact that mobile visitors are more likely to visit their site. Just looking at the Google Analytic statistics to take the pulse of this trend. Then, we must understand what those users want to accomplish on the site and maximize benefits by leveraging their expectations. Analyze statistical behavior while putting you in the shoes of your customers and it will give you ways to develop an appropriate strategy.
You will also notice an increase in mobile visits? What are your strategies to take advantage of this trend?

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