Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

What is SEOWe all know the Internet is the perfect platform to share ideas know, sell products, say what you think, showing off pictures in words, in short, a place where everyone goes and meets the other .
But there is a possibility of finding anything, the search engines have appeared and then comes the concept of SEO website .
Here are a few lines a basic explanation of what is SEO.

What is search engine?

A search engine allows finding with respect to keywords, a website or a place where you will find something to satisfy a passion, find an answer to a question, buy the item of your dreams.
For the search engines work, must also sites that want to be found and thus visited, are visible on the pages of search engine.
A search engine features and therefore uses the same algorithms (which change regularly) Research and sites that want to be visible must know the rules that govern these engines.
If they go in, they run the risk of not being visible on the canvas, like a store where you will hide the window when you're a potential buyer.

What is SEO?

The weapon is available sites that are called the owner.
It is reserved for "professionals" who will ensure that your content is visible and identified by search engines.
Improve the content of the pages of a site, review links may refer to your site from other well-referenced, using relevant keywords, SEO is a "science" and we can also draw analysis and statistics of visits.
These will allow the site owner to know what its referencing website (see article on Google SEO, 11 important points according to Google! ) is effective or not in grip for buyers or simply visitors.
It is quite difficult to properly reference the site itself, unless the game. If you are not comfortable in this area, you can contact us to discuss your needs SEO website .
Number of online addresses may, with finances, allowing you to optimize your site and significantly increase the number of visits to your address, however, it should be noted that it is often unskilled visitors, therefore irrelevant.
Optimization of site content can drive the visitor to the actual purchase, whether it is a business website. In fact, you can have a beautiful website that receives many visits but can not finalize the order that it was assigned.

Follow the rules ...

The web has its own rules as the rules of the road and if you do not respect or do not do what it takes to serve you, your website, whatever it is, will not be visited as you want.

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  1. The best way for SEO to workout is to focus on your target audience. Create good content for your audience (most importantly) and not for search engine necessarily. Do what you need to do for your website and then follow what needs to be done. Make sure to get your goals pinned before getting started. :)