Thursday, January 16, 2014

Importance Of Google+ For SEO

Importance of google for seoIt's already September!
Holidays end and offices are refilled. After a few past weeks away from your computer, you are fit and ready for the challenges of school!
But before you tackle the avalanche of emails that you expect in return from vacation, start by taking a coffee and read this post until the end, because it might give you ideas!

Google+, the left out of social media

In 2013, no one questions the importance of investing time and money to improve its ranking on search engines. As everyone seems to understand that social networks now represent a significant factor in the classification of organic results. And yet, under the pretext that "Facebook and Twitter are already consuming enough time", many companies have chosen to ignore Google+, or simply let their account abandoned.
What we must understand is that before the culmination of the social Web (and in parallel the content and its popularity), the algorithm of search engines estimated the value of a site for users by based primarily on the number and quality of links pointing to it.
But for many reasons (including spammers and other SEO practices unsuitable) algorithms have been adapted.
Today, social media is being used daily by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. However, through these networks, they show constantly through shares, the "likes", the "re-tweet" and other "one", which interests them and what they place value. It is therefore logical that the search engines, Google in mind, now aligned with an approach more and more social.

Why Google+?

Google+ is actually more than just a social platform to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Google+ allows Google to associate a site and its content to a specific person, which greatly enriches the information that the Web giant has on its users. However, most search results are targeted, more users are susceptible. And they are satisfied, the more they use Google!
In comparison, the potential for consolidation of information belonging to Facebook or Twitter accounts, for example, is more limited. This does not mean they are not important, or that they have no impact on SEO. But if your goal is only focused on SEO and you had to choose only one platform, you would choose Google+.

For businesses, the use of Google+ creates many opportunities in terms of SEO.

Let's start with the famous "+1" button. More pages your site and get a "1", more likely they are to appear in pole position in the search results. Of experiments by some SEO experts seem to show that the sharing and "+1" on Google+ are more important than their equivalents on Facebook or Twitter impact. Favoritism oblige!
Moreover, as for the incoming links, the "1" does not have the same value. Weighting depends on the credibility of the user who gave you this "1" for your niche content. Clearly, the "+1" to a user who is seen by Google as an authority in your industry will be worth more than a lambda user. As for link building, quality over quantity.
So how to get "+1" your content?
Obviously, you could offer you the services of an unscrupulous Asian supplier that will guarantee you dozens of "1" for the modest sum of five dollars ... but watch out for surprises, because they come from fake profiles, " 1 "obtained are then likely to have a negative impact.
In fact, there is no magic formula. If you produce quality content and that you manage to give it visibility, "1" should flow naturally. The best practice is therefore to ensure that the content displayed on your site is easily shared and the sharing buttons to social media represent attractive calls to action.
Then another advantage over Facebook and Twitter pages that are shared on Google+ will be indexed faster on Google, which is not negligible. In fact, Facebook is known not to make it easier for crawlers of search engines, and it is the same for Twitter which ended in 2011 its partnership with Google, which allowed it to index results in real time.

The person behind the company - Google Authorship

Google will tend to give more credibility and confidence to your business if the algorithm is able to identify those behind it. To do this, you must create an account "Google Authorship (Author) via your Google+ account and authenticate you as the author of some of the content published on the website of your business. Make all contributors do the same. In addition to increasing your visibility in search results, this will tend to minimize the risk of duplicate content or plagiarism. Besides that will make your search results more attractive, while putting forward your authors.

Google+ allows the display of personalized search results

Develop network of contacts your business on Google+ (and therefore the scope of your publications) is not the easiest part of the job, but this is probably the most important.
In fact, if you manage to make your prospects or customers via Google+ indicate they like your content, Google's algorithm will consider that it is likely to interest them, and will thus lead to push your results when conducting new research. Building your network on Google+, so you will be able to increase your media outreach specifically to users that you want to target.

Finally ...

There are really no reliable way to quantify the impact of social media on the results of research, which leads many SEO experts to discuss different strategies to derive maximum benefits.
It remains that the content of Google+ is directly associated with Google, act as if the platform does not exist cause you to miss many opportunities, not least!
If you read me through, congratulations! It is now time to put "Google+" at the top of your "to do list" for the month of September!


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